Tips for Taking Care of Rust on Your Car

If you’ve spotted rust on your car, then do not ignore it! Over time, this spot of rust will continue to react with moisture around and can spread to other areas of the car. This is quite unfortunate as your car will start to look ugly and the second hand value will be negatively impacted.

The best thing to do is act quickly. If you’re not that familiar with removing rust from a car, these excellent tips should help you get started. Of course, one of the easiest ways is to use a rust remover but in this article, we’re going to be focusing on the more traditional method:

Safety First

The traditional method involves using a sander and a grinder, which can easily throw particles of rust and paint in your face. Therefore, it’s best to purchase some safety attire like protective goggles, a dust mask and a pair of gloves. If you’re dealing with a lot of rust, then we recommend wearing a respirator instead of a dust mask in order to prevent these particles from getting into your lungs.

Cover Any Parts of The Car That You Want to Protect

As mentioned above, you’ll be dealing with a lot of airborne particles and these could very well land on other parts of the car and make them dirty. Hence, if you want to protect them, we recommend covering them generously with masking tape. A lot of people use newspaper which does not provide the adequate protection at all.

Use a Dual Action Grinder

A dual action grinder gives you much more control over the speed which is quite necessary if you want to do the job properly. Start with 80 grit and slowly work your way up to 150. You know you’re done when the rusted surface feels smooth on your gloved fingertips.

Take Care When Purchasing Primer

Buy the ones that are appropriate for applying on rusted metal. Make sure that you read the instructions on the back of the can in order to verify this or speak with an expert at the auto supply store.

Purchase the Correct Spray Paint

Make sure that the spray matches the colour of your car exactly. We recommend righting down the exact colour code so that you don’t purchase the wrong one. Otherwise, your car is going to look quite ugly in that spot.

Use the Right Level of Abrasion When Sanding

After you apply the coats of primer, you want to sand the spot down. This is done in order to smooth the area so that the coat of spray paint can holds on to it better. For sanding purposes, you should definitely use 400 grit sandpaper because it’s particularly made for sanding before you paint.

Finishing Up

Just because you’re done spray painting doesn’t mean you’re finished. You’ve got to buff up the paint job so that it looks consistent with the rest of the coat. Afterwards, let it stand for about 48 hours or so.

And these are the most important tips to keep in mind when you’re removing rust from your car. Of course, using a remover could really make the number of steps shorter.


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