Tips For An Effective Car Wash

As simple as a car wash can be, there are some technicalities to get used before you start. It’s not as easy as taking a sponge and a bucket of water and scrubbing all over the vehicle! After you’ve come back home from a rainy day or you took a dusty road to work, your vehicle is bound to be covered in mud and dirt. It’s definitely time to get a car wash done at home! You can opt to take your vehicle out for a car wash to the professionals, or you could simply do it yourself fat home if you have extra time. Either way there are special intricacies which you should know beforehand.

The Wheels

The number one rule of starting to wash your car at home is always to start cleaning the wheels first! This is because the wheels are most probably going to be the dirtiest component on your vehicle so it’s important to begin with this. Begin by dusting the wheels and then spraying it with water (preferably under a high pressure pump) until all the dirt has disappeared. After this you may want to rinse the wheels with a sponge. It is important to note that if you are to use a sponge on the wheels, remember to NOT use that sponge on any other part of the vehicle as the dirt ion the sponge may scrape and damage any other part of the exterior on your vehicle.

The Body

Once you’re done cleaning the wheels, it’s time to move onto the rest of the body. Start by rinsing the roof and sides of your vehicle. It is always advisable to have two buckets of water with you at all times when doing this. This to ensure that you don’t rinse the sponge with the same dirty water which you used to clean the car with in the first place. When washing the hood, the trunk and the bonnet of the vehicle it’s always good to use a special branded type of soap which is specially made for vehicles. When sponging the car, it’s better to sponge slowly and gently without any rash strokes. As insignificant as this may seem, if you care about your car, you would look into minute details such as this.


You should pay special attention when washing the windscreen of your vehicle as it is entirely made of glass. It is important to use soft materiel when rinsing and cleaning the windscreen of your vehicle to avoid any unnecessary minor scratch marks. The same goes for the windows on the vehicle as well. In order for the glass to remain in prime condition, you need to pay attention to how you’ll be cleaning them.

Another obvious fact on cleaning your vehicle is to NEVER open the doors. The last thing you need is water entering the interior of your vehicle and doing damage. Also take extra care when washing the lights and other sensitive components of the vehicle. If you follow these steps you should give your vehicle a professional car wash!

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