Road Traffic Rules That You Need To Follow

Road traffic rules can be varying in different countries and/or in states. But there are basic rules which are followed by all. These rules and regulations are placed by the law and government of each country to prevent accidents that endanger the lives of all people.

If found violating these laws, you will be penalized and can even be jailed. To avoid such harsh punishments and also to be a good citizen in your community, you must make yourself aware of these rules and follow them accordingly. Rules and regulations may change, either getting added on or taken off, depending on research data and evolving world. Therefore, it is important to keep yourself updated about road traffic rules and regulations.

Adhere To Speed Limits

You will find set speed limits on different roads. Especially highways and expressways. These speed limits have been set after considering a lot of factors. For example, the road network systems, weather, types of vehicles allowed and so on. These speed limits should be followed as instructed. Going above the speed limit can cause you to meet with an accident.

At the same time going below the speed limit, thinking that it would be the safer option, would be wrong. Because you can be disrupting other cars that are going within the speed limit and still get into accidents. Not sticking to the speed limit may cause the distance between vehicles to be less than what is right. In case the vehicle ahead of you stops abruptly due to an emergency, you will sustain major damage. Therefore, safe distance must be maintained between vehicles at all time.

Do Not Drink And Drive

Driving under the influence of alcohol will reduce your reaction time in the road, which causes you to get into accidents more often than not. This will endanger the lives of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Therefore, there are strict laws that penalize you if found guilty doing this.

Random checks can be done to see if you are under the influence if found suspicious. If you find yourself in a situation where you have been accused of this, it is best to book a session today with a good lawyer. You can try and get the minimum punishment or escape with a warning. It is a serious offense that can cause you to end up in jail or pay hefty fines, therefore do not take a warning lightly.

Make Sure Your Vehicle Is In Good Shape

Having a faulty vehicle can make you end up with accidents as well. It will also disrupt a positive driving experience for other drivers. For example, if your signal lights are broken, you will not be able to indicate to the other drivers that you are making a turn.

This can lead to accidents. Likewise, broken headlights will make it very hard for you to drive at night. A certificate for fitness of vehicle is only issued for transport vehicles, but if found with faulty parts in any vehicle, the police can issue traffic violation tickets which you will have to go to courts or pay a fine for.

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