How To Take Care Of Your Car Like A Grownup

Back in the day, when you used to drive your mom’s or dad’s vehicle, there was hardly any maintenance work that you were responsible for because everything was done by them. However, now that you’ve purchased your own vehicle with much excitement, you and you alone will be responsible for doing the needful to keep your precious ride running fine for a long time. While this is much easier said than done and you will have to spend a fare lot of money on it, without proper care, a vehicle can turn into an inefficient block of rust real fast. Here are a few tips that you can follow to show your car the right level of care and extend its useful life.

Keep Your Car Clean

This may sound like a pretty obvious and simple car-care tip but disregarding this simple step can lead to a lot of serious complications that will be harder to fix. Start by washing your car regularly without fail. Every time we drive our vehicles around or keep them parked outdoors, a number of external elements come in to contact with the delicate surface and cause serious damage when exposed without proper care for a long time. Everything from the sun, acid rain, grime, salt, dead bugs, and bird droppings can slowly eat away the glittery surface paint until there is none left and then damage the underlying metal. Give your ride a good wash at least 2-3 times a month, especially of you are living in a relatively polluted area with a lot of smog, salt and dust. Even if you don’t, make sure you wash it at least once or twice with the use of a proper car-wash solution that will enhance its loot and minimize the damage from external elements.

Stick To A Maintenance Schedule

In addition to the simple clean-ups that you can perform on your own, drive your car down for maintenance as specified in your vehicle owner’s manual. When it comes to maintenance, your dealers and mechanics will give you loads of advice and ask you to change your schedule to what they recommend. However, the truth is, no one knows more about what your ride needs than the people who actually made it. Which is why you should always follow the instructions provided in the manual when maintaining your automobile. For your ride to get back on the road in no time, focus mainly on the tasks of replacing transmission fluids, tire rotation, wheel alignment and engine and battery checks. Never miss a day when it comes to maintenance.

DIY To Save Costs

You may be willing and able to pay and purchase the parts and components necessary to upgrade or repair your vehicle. However, the costs associated with obtaining the services of professionals to get them installed can be quite overwhelming at times, especially if you’re running on a tight budget. Whenever the task to be performed is relatively less complicated and if you have successfully done it before, instead of spending on a professional, do it on your own and save a lot. Changing oil every 500 miles, changing the air filter every 12,000 miles and rotating the tires once every 5000-10000 miles would be great places to start.

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