How To Keep Your Car Looking New For A Long Time!

Remember how good you felt when you drove your vehicle home, right after purchasing it? The new car smell, the glittering paint, and the shiny wheels all made your new ride look and feel awesome. Every vehicle owner’s dream is to preserve this new-look for as long as they possibly can, especially in today’s economy where one cannot simply replace vehicles once every three months. So what can you do to realize this dream and feel good about the car that you drive for longer? Here are a few pointers that will surely help you.

The Regular Wash!

Something as workaday as washing, when performed in the right way, at the right can give your ride some serious care by ridding the surfaces of all substances that can bring harm to it over time and make the future cleaning much easier. Equip yourself with a mild detergent that can effectively remove the dirt and the grime, without damaging the delicate paint surface. With a clean sponge or a piece of cloth, wash away all the deposits with your hand and do so gently, without rubbing the exterior with too much force. Once done, rinse off all the detergent so that the substance will not cause unwanted damage to the paint.

Don’t Forget To Polish

Most vehicle owners think of polishing as something done for the sole purpose of making a car look good for a brief period of time. However, regular polishing can also provide some much-needed protection to the painted surface of your ride. Polishing once every 3-5 months is more than enough to obtain the intended results, and unlike washing, you don’t have to do it every week.

Make sure you use a high-quality car polisher that is custom made for the purpose. And always follow the instructions provided for the usage of the product. Depending on the age and size of your ride, determine just how much of the substance you are going to need and apply it with a clean rag that will not cause any damage to the surface. Polish one section/panel at a time without attempting to polish the whole car in one go if you want to perform a good job.

Be Mindful Of Where You Park

No matter how much care you give to your vehicle, if you park it in a bad spot during day or night, external elements can cause a lot of damage that will at time be difficult to undo. You must always park inside the garage, which is specifically meant for the job. Vehicles that are parked outside at night become victim to the droppings of nocturnal critters such as bats and possums, which are quite can be quite harmful to the vehicle exterior.

It is comparatively difficult to protect your ride from such external forces during the day. In addition to the occasional bird droppings, the sun’s harmful UV rays can damage the exterior paint of automobiles and cause fading. The trick is to always park under a covering that will act as a shield against all such substances and elements.


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