How to Choose the Right Type of Tyre for Your Automobile

Automobiles of today have come a long way, since the days of the Ford Model – T. As a result, the design, the components, the technology, and the standards have all developed for the better. One of the primary components that have come a long way, but does not look the part is the tyres. Initially just thin strips of rubber that moved the vehicle, now has become larger and goes through a strict production process to maintain the integrity of the component and purpose. With the various types of automobiles introduced, there are various types of tyres to suit those automobiles, thus the reason as to why people have to know the vehicle’s requirements beforehand. Here are just some protocols that have to be followed, if one is to purchase the right tyres for the car.

Vehicle Type

The first thing that anyone should analyse is the type of automobile they possess. Be it a simple car, a luxury car, a pick-up, a van, a lorry, or even a bus, there are specialised tyre sets for each type of vehicle. As a result, knowing the type of vehicle can help you determine the tyres that will give you the best performance and reliability.

Know Your Sizes

In line with the vehicle type, come the tyre sizes. More often than not, big vehicles require big tyres with particular tread patters, whereas smaller vehicles do not necessarily need one. It is important to know the dimensions as given by the vehicle manufacturer, so as to make sure the right tyre size is chose, thus resulting in the least inconveniences caused to the user of the vehicle. Always make sure to use the same brand of tyres for all the wheel slots, as different brands may have slightly different measurements that could impede the performance of the vehicle and increase the danger of catastrophic accidents. If you do not know the correct sizes, you could easily drop into a Lilydale tyre fitting centre to sort the problem.


This is considered to be more of a personal choice, as opposed to a must-follow rule. This is because certain individuals may prefer more of a comfortable ride, while some may prefer a more firm ride. There is a possibility that some may also prefer a more economical ride. As a result, there are specialised tyres to perform in the manner you want them in the present day and age. It is up to the user to decide.


Another thing that could come in handy when selecting a set of tyres is the climate and season of the city you are living in. This is because certain seasons like winter may require more hard wearing tyres that offer maximum amount of grip, since the formation of black ice could end up in catastrophic failure.

Choosing the correct set of tyres then is as crucial as servicing your car on a regular basis, as it may make all the difference in the performance of the car.

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