How to Buy Motor Spare Parts without Getting Ripped Off

Automobiles have become a quintessential object in each and every individuals’ life, as it helps us get about our day’s work as quickly as we can in the most efficient manner. However, regardless of how much thought is put into evolving these machines to durable, economical and practical ones, one thing that we cannot escape as owners is the wear and tear of the automobile. This could be caused as a result of being old or being in an accident. This comes onto the importance of spare parts, which, in the present day and age, is quite difficult to discern what parts are specially made for your automobile, as the market is flooded with cheap alternatives and counterfeits. To mitigate the possibility of purchasing the wrong parts for your vehicle, here are some tips to consider; 

Where You Are Buying It From?

One of the first things that anyone should look into when purchasing spare parts for the vehicle, is the retailer you are planning to purchase it from. This is because the motor spare parts industry is a vast industry that has made it quite easy for many to enter with cheaper alternatives that could do the same job as the original product. As a result, many spare part stores that are genuine in their intentions to provide you the best goods and services would go through official channels to source their parts, which in turn become licensed retailers for spares for a particular automobile. On the other hand, there are motor spare part stores that look to make quick money buy stocking up low quality alternatives. In other words, it is important that you research on your seller before purchasing.


It is natural that anyone would think about the costs that they would have to incur in the process of looking for spare parts. More often than not, retailers that sell the right spare parts for your car can be quite costly; however, one way of mitigating such costs can be to research on other sellers too, as there might be price fluctuations of the particular spare part you are looking for. If you are lucky, you could also find second hand parts too that are of great quality, which could be bought at a fraction of the cost. Do keep in mind though that good quality second hand parts are much more difficult to find. Either way, it is much more cost effective if you do a cost analysis from various sellers before making the final decision.

Genuine or Not

Before purchasing any motor spare part, it is important to look if the parts are genuine. The reason to get your parts here, in stores that sell only genuine parts is because it ensures that safety standards are met with rigorous testing and often does come with warranty/guarantee period, which allows you to have a safety net. In other words, always makes sure your retailer is authorised by the automobile companies, as it provides you with the much needed closure of whether the spares you buy will do its job without failing prematurely.


There are certain parts that can be quite tricky to install and require the assistance of a technical professional. To make things all the more easier for you, it would be best to check whether the retailer you bought the particular spare part can also perform the installation on your automobile, as the parts will be fitted in the correct manner by a trained professional. However, you could also take it to a separate mechanic too. Depending on what is cost effective, you could do one or the other.

By considering these factors into account when purchasing motor spare parts, you could find the right parts at the right place, and at the right costs.

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