5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Boat

Boat ownership is a clear sign that you’ve made it and that you’re the kind of person that enjoys the finer things in life. There’s nothing better than being able to set sail on your own terms, soaking up some rays while you commandeer your very own vessel. Plus there’s no party like a boat party!

However, it’s not all fun in the sun as boat ownership entitles you to some serious responsibilities as well. Unlike cars, boats require regular maintenance. If you don’t care for it properly, your boat will quickly get worn down and will be in need of repairs. 

Invest In Ceramic Coating

Typically, boats have to deal with a lot of harsh conditions. Whether it’s the constant contact with salt water or the accumulation of algae on the hull, there are many things that can wear its exterior down. Ceramic coating can provide a strong layer of protection against all such things.

Here are some of the things that ceramic paint protection products and coatings can do for your boat:

  • A permanent shine – ceramic coatings can enhance the shine and colour of your boat, allowing it to look brand new always. Unlike wax and polish, ceramic coatings last for several years so you don’t have to keep worrying about reapplication.
  • Self-cleaning – ceramic coats are hydrophobic, meaning that water does not adhere to them. Instead the water rolls off surfaces, carrying off whatever dirt is present in the process. Hence, you don’t have to work as hard to clean your boat.
  • Increased Durability – ceramic coating doesn’t just lay over your paint job; it actually fuses with the surface. As a result, a high amount of force is required to actually remove it and expose the paint.

Change Your Oil Frequently

If you’ve owned any other type of vehicle, then you’re probably aware of the benefits of regular oil changes. It helps keeps the engine in proper condition and gets rid of any stiffness in components. As a general rule, the oil in your boat should be replaced after 50 hours of use or at least every six months.

Tune Up Often

It doesn’t matter how fuel-efficient your boat’s engine is, you need to regularly inspect the vital components. This includes things like the spark plugs, rotor, plug wires…etc. This way you can eliminate the chance of an engine failure which could potentially leave you stranded out in sea.

Clean Out the Filter

Most boats are equipped with what’s known as a ‘sea strainer’- basically a filter that removes debris from the water that gets directed to the engine in order to clean it. This filtration process is vital and seaweed and other debris can get lodged in the engine, preventing it from running smoothly.

Constantly Test the Propeller

If the propeller is damaged, then you won’t be able to steer your boat precisely. In addition, it will impact the output of the engine as well. Hence, it’s always a good practice to check your propeller’s status before you set sail. If you notice any damages, we highly recommend you get those repaired first.

With these five tips you’ll be able to make sure that your boat is healthy and always ready for another sea-faring adventure.

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